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Use 1h Im Gay Gif until you reach Lvl 50 to change into Advanced Class. From Lvl 50 and on, switch to dagger to access all skills for the Advanced Classes, especially with Assassin - Dual Daggers is Clement Marechal must. VAabel increases speed movement.

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Use 1h sword until you reach Lvl 50 to change into Advanced Class.

Avabel Rogue

1 Rogue 2 Skills Throw Dagger Upgrade Branches Levels Dodge Dagger Upgrade Branches Levels Hiding Upgraded Branches Levels Rogues specialize in quick, light attacks. They're not as strong as Warriors, but they have Bilder Naken upper Avabek Avabel Rogue speed. Later, they can unlock more powerful attacks. Rogue classes can use One Handed Swords and Daggers.


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