Oceania – a new chapter in the history of Oceania Cruises

Elegance, luxury, first-class service are everything Oceania cruises, but there is no limit to perfection! That’s why Oceania Cruises recently launched OceaniaNEXT, a comprehensive fleet modernization program to enhance ship décor, culinary programs, maintenance and shore excursions. In January of this year, Oceania Cruises presented a complete updated liner Insignia, a pioneer of the program, which has been updated from bow to stern.

Oceania Cruises believes that each ship is different. Therefore, when renovating ships, maximum attention is paid to keeping the spirit of the liner, which is so fond of regular customers. When upgrading, it was very important that the ship remained as elegant and sophisticated as before.

Brand new cabins and suites

The interior of each of the Insignia’s 342 cabins has been updated. Now guests are greeted by the chic of a Parisian apartment or the elegance of an Italian villa. A lighter, more vibrant color palette visually enhances each cabin, while emerald and sapphire accents inspire adventure and discovery.

Perfect and practical

The changes in the cabins have affected not only the appearance. Most of the cabins have been redesigned to increase space. The baths have been re-tiled with marble, granite, glass, and sparkling fixtures have been added. But in today’s world, it’s not just custom-made furniture, handmade carpets and Carrara marble that are valued. For even greater guest comfort, new spacious wardrobes and conveniently placed connectors for charging electronic devices have been added to the cabins. All this brings the comfort of staying in the cabin to a new, more modern level.

Cooking as an art

Regardless of whether you’ve cruised with Oceania or not, you undoubtedly know the unwavering passion of this company for preparing more than just food, but a culinary masterpiece. After the renovation, the main restaurant became one of the main highlights of the liner Insignia… The dazzling centerpiece of the hall is a gleaming chandelier designed by the renowned studio DADO with hand-blown Italian glass drops. Luxurious new interior, comfortable furniture and large windows will allow you to dine in an unforgettable atmosphere and fully enjoy the masterpieces of culinary art from renowned chefs.

In addition to the great design, the updated menu offers local specialties as well as regional winesto enrich your kitchen with the flavors, spirit and joy of the places you visit. The dishes are both familiar and innovative. Fresh coconut from Bora Bora is served as a delicious dessert, local French cheeses magically appear on the table, and salmon caught in the morning turns into a Cajun dish, a mix of Creole, French and South American “home” cuisine. The fruity Australian Riesling serves baked soy pork while aged port rounds off the meal, all with incredible views of the twinkling lights of the Portuguese fishing village.

Martini Bar

Martini Bar is a great place to spend cocktail evening and chatting with new friends. Renovated, the bar has a sophisticated and fresh look thanks to unique lighting fixtures, custom-knitted rugs and updated European furniture. The designers were inspired by Santorini’s stunning coastline. The hand-blown glass wall, featuring the distinctive silhouette of seashells, was hand-installed by artist Michael Skura, who created every detail in his California studio.

Keeping perfect

Although much of the Insignia has been completely revamped, Oceania has chosen to keep what was already perfect in its previous form unchanged. Library, a cherished enclave reminiscent of an English country house has been abandoned. While even more graceful furnishings and an airy atmosphere in light colors made all public spaces more inviting, the classic interior of the English library was decided not to change and to pay tribute to the classic elegant design.

A special approach to each guest

The capacity of the liner is 684 guests, 400 amiable ship employees are always ready to serve them. This means that each guest will receive the maximum personalized service… The ship’s staff take care of making your stay unforgettable.

Unique routes

The Insignia cruise ship is beautiful not only on the inside, but also on the outside. Its small size allows cruise guests to visit unique ports where giant liners cannot get close. In 2021, the liner will operate cruises in the Mediterranean and the British Isles. In them you can visit such rare portslike Alicante, Almeria, Bilbao, A Coruña, Torshavn, Belfast and many others.

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