Private Caribbean Islands

Private island in the Caribbean …
Sounds like a dream or a dream. Simply because few of us can afford to buy a piece of land in paradise across the Atlantic. In the meantime, we know a way to visit one of these islands. And yes, the correct answer is on a cruise.

The fact is that since the end of the 90s, cruise companies have been engaged in mass purchases of Caribbean islands of various sizes. They buy them, invest in them and make them an exclusive point on the map. The exclusivity is achieved by the fact that you can get to these islands only on board a cruise ship.

Caribbean islands

Royal Caribbean, NCL, MSC, Princess Cruises and Holland America Line have their own private islands in the Caribbean. On these islands you can relax on the beach, have fun in the pool, enjoy the spa. There are bars, restaurants, cafes and shops. And there are also islands with water parks.

Today we will tell you about three Caribbean islands where cruise ships call.

Island Ocean Cay… Owned by a cruise company MSC

Located in the Bahamas. By the way, an interesting fact – almost all private islands in the Caribbean are located in the Bahamas. But back to the point. So, the island of the Italian company MSC. Officially called a marine reserve, and this is not just a beautiful marketing ploy. The fact is that once it was an industrial piece of land where sand was mined on an industrial scale. And MSC transformed the island beyond recognition, having correctly entered all the updates into the ecosystem. They worked closely with scientists and biologists. As a result, they managed to create a real reserve for marine life on the island.

What’s on the island?

8 beaches, a variety of bars, a lighthouse, shops, a local souvenir market Bahamian Village and a spa. From food on the island there are 2 restaurants that work on a buffet system and an ice cream station. Ocean Cay doesn’t have a kids club per se, but the team offers a variety of activities for kids throughout the day. Sun loungers on the island are free, but you have to pay extra for umbrellas and gazebos. Storage lockers are also freely available throughout the island for money. For the convenience of guests, trams run around the island. Well, if you live in the Yacht Club cabin, then you will be provided with a personal golf cart.

Private Island MSC

What entertainment is available?

Onshore entertainment will include beach soccer, volleyball and other sports games. You can also go to the zumba, do aerobics, choose the king and queen of the island and attend a dance workshop. You can also rent sports equipment on the island: masks, kayaks, paddle surfboards. All this for an additional fee.

Caribbean with MSC

What do we recommend to take with you to the island?

Sunscreen, and note that it should have been marked Reef Safe. Such creams are considered safe for the environment of the island and its marine life, yet it is a marine reserve. If anything, such creams are sold on board MSC ships and in stores on the island.
Also, be sure to bring beach towels. Although if your cabin is in the Yacht Club, then you will be kindly provided with towels on the shore.

What liners go by?

MSC Seaside, MSC Armonia, MSC Divina, MSC Meraviglia

Island Great Stirrup Cay. Company NCL

All cruises of the American company Norwegian Cruise Line, which operate in the Bahamas, call on the company’s private island. White beaches, crystal clear Caribbean waters and complete exclusivity await guests here. By the way, Great Stirrup Cay is one of the oldest private islands. It has been owned by a cruise company since the mid 70s of the last century. And it is located in close proximity to Nassau.

What’s on the island?

Would you be surprised if we say beaches? Yes, do not forget that we are talking about cruises in the Caribbean. In this region, beaches are the main attraction. So the island has a lot of beaches and sun loungers. By the way, NCL, unlike MSC, offers beach towels right on the island, so there is no need to drag them from the ship. Convenient, agree? We advise you to keep the path to the beaches that are farther from the landing site, there will be fewer people. Also on the island there are restaurants, bars and cafes, private luxury villas Silver Cove and gazebos for rent. The best way to get around the island is on foot. But if you are tired and a walk is not an option, then you can wait for the free tram.

Private Island NCL

What entertainment is available?

The company offers a number of interesting excursions on the island. For example, you can swim with stingrays or the famous Bahamian pigs. You can also ride a water scooter, go on an excursion along the island on kayaks or take a mask and enjoy the underwater world of the Caribbean. All this, as usual, for an additional fee.

Caribbean cruises NCL

What do we recommend to take with you to the island?

A ship card to pay on the island and cash for purchases in shops. And, of course, do not forget about the swimsuit, sunscreen and good mood.

What liners go by?

In 2020, Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Dawn, Norwegian Encore, Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Joy, Norwegian Sky, Norwegian Sun

Half Moon Cay Island. Carnival Cruises and Holland America Line.

This small island in the Bahamas was once called San Salvador. In 1996, the cruise company Holland America Line purchased it for $ 6 million. They spent another $ 15 million on landscaping and voila … the island is ready to receive tourists. And what does Carnival have to do with it, you ask? It’s simple: Holland America Line is part of the Carnival Corporation holding. As a consequence, Carnival Cruises ships also have access to the island. Interestingly and rewardingly, Porthole Cruise Magazine has been calling the island “the best private island in the Caribbean” for 17 years. Well, it is famous for its beach.

What’s on the island?

Beach, sun loungers, restaurants, bars and cafes. In fact, everything is like everywhere else. By the third island, we are unlikely to be able to surprise you with something. You can get around the island on foot, ride a bicycle, ride a horse and take a sightseeing tour by boat. But don’t think that we will give up so easily. We found something special for you on the island. Bird park. The fact is that most of the island is wild. As a result, a unique fauna has been preserved here. Therefore, we strongly advise you to visit the local bird park, where there are representatives of as many as 50 different species of birds. For example: rabbit owl, white-capped pigeon, pink spoonbill, dark tern, brown-winged tern, as well as common stupid tern and barnacle pintail. Yes … we have specially selected the most interesting names of birds. Surprise so surprise.

Half moon cay

What entertainment is available?

What to do here? Well, first of all, enjoy the sea, sun and white sand, everything is obvious. Secondly, you can go hiking here. The area of ​​the island is almost 10 km2. And only 2% of them are beaches. So you will definitely have where to walk and what to see. Go on an excursion and ride horses along the coast. Yes, just like in the movies. Also on Half Moon Cay are available all types of water recreation popular in the Caribbean: snorkeling, kayaking, excursions to the rays and so on. Everything for an additional fee. There is a small pirate water park for younger guests of the island. And next to the water park there is a playground.

Caribbean cruises with HAL

What to take to the island?

As usual: towels, cream, ship’s card, sunglasses.

What liners go by?

In fact, all Holland America Line ships that make cruises to the Caribbean. But separately we will highlight the best: Eurodam, Nieuw Amsterdam, Nieuw Statendam and Zuiderdam

That’s all for today. But our story about the Caribbean and private islands is not over.

Next time we’ll show you the new private island of Royal Caribbean – Perfect Day at CocoCay.
Believe me, it deserves a separate article!

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