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If you are an inquisitive traveler, you enjoy discovering new places, as well as you appreciate a relaxing beach holiday and love to taste national dishes, then Greece is the perfect vacation spot! Immerse yourself in a world full of history, Greek myths, fresh local delicacies, not to mention unique beaches and cities of incredible beauty! Want to know what to expect from your holiday in Greece? Then read on!


Far, far away on the hill, the cradle of modern European civilization appeared in the form of a city Athens… The capital and largest city of Greece has been around for about 3000 years, making it one of the oldest cities in Europe… It is named after the goddess of war and wisdom, Athena, who was the patron saint of the ancient polis. A temple was built in honor of this goddess Parthenon… It towers over Athens from a splendid position atop the sacred Acropolis hill. Due to its location, it can be admired thousands of kilometers away. This makes the Parthenon the highlight of the city of Athens.

Arriving in Athens you should definitely visit Parthenon on the Acropolis… The hill offers a beautiful view of the city, as if scattered below, and its temples are an excellent place to get acquainted with the culture and history of Ancient Greece. But this is not the only attraction in Athens worth seeing. The best way to explore Athens is walk the old streets and the atmospheric side streets of the city. Labyrinths of narrow shady streets, entwined with greenery and flowers, are woven into a whimsical pattern, taking you into the past, slowing downtime.

There is nothing more desirable for a tired tourist than rest in peace and quiet. The best place for this in Athens is National garden… Finding it is easier than ever: the garden is located near Syntagma Square, right behind the Parliament building.

Shady alleys will save you from the heat, and the pond will give you life-giving coolness. In addition, ancient ruins, the remains of columns and ancient mosaics have been preserved in the garden. There is also a mini-zoo and a botanical museum, so you definitely won’t be bored.

After a sunny day in Athens, enjoy a refreshing drink at one of the beachside cafes. Do not forget to take your swimsuit with you when traveling around the city, because the beach is just a couple of minutes from the center cities, including a water park with a variety of slides.


The small but very beautiful island of Mykonos waiting for you on cruises in Greece. In Mykonos, you will understand what real Greek island life is all about! Located in the Aegean Sea, with an area of ​​only 86 square kilometers and a population of about 10,000 Greeks, Mykonos is the perfect island for a relaxing holiday. Along with a vibrant nightlife, Mykonos enchants with its panorama, the most beautiful beaches with white sand and azure waters of the Aegean Sea. On this island you will see such sights as “Little Venice”, the famous old mills and the monastery of the Life-giving source.

Mykonos also has rich past and belonged to both the Roman and Byzantine empires. Of course, the island of Mykonos is also found in Greek mythology. Thus, according to myths, the island was created when the Supreme God Zeus fought the Giants. The giants were defeated and thrown into the sea. The fossilized bodies are said to be the stones on which the island of Mykonos was ultimately built.

Today Mykonos is mainly known for its fishing and iconic windmills… These windmills, which were used to grind grain in the 16th century, can be found in the west of Mykonos town. Also known as Hora or the “main city”, this capital has a lot more to do! Literally, every corner of this city is worth photographing. White houses with colorful doors and shutters alternate with beautiful churches, cozy cafes and boutiques, where ancient Greek crafts can still be seen.

And that’s not all! During sunset, visit Kato Mili… On the observation deck, you can take beautiful pictures of the windmills, against the backdrop of the island and the turquoise sea.


Next stop – Crete… This is the largest island in Greece, where you will find the best beaches in the picturesque bays of the island, azure and clear sea, as well as historical antiquities. Heraklion, Agios Nikolaos and Rethymno

In Crete, you can try everything from aromatic local coffee (Elliniko) and ending with a journey through Samaria gorge, which is considered one of the largest in Europe, 18 kilometers long.

Crete is famous for its beautiful beaches… So it comes as no surprise that many tourists from all over the world come to Crete every year to enjoy the Greek sun! Perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches is Wai beach… On this beach, you will feel like in the Caribbean with pearly white sand under your feet, beautiful views of the azure sea and palm trees. You can also visit Stefanou beach near Seitan Limanya. The beach has fine fine pebbles and sand, which came there from a nearby quarry in the Diplohahalo canyon. On the right and left sides of the bay, there are huge marble rocks that protect the beach from bad weather.

Are you looking for an adventure? Then Minotaur maze just what you need. Legend has it that during the time of King Minos, a huge palace with a huge number of rooms and passages was laid on the island of Crete. It is believed that it is almost impossible to find a way out of it. In addition, according to legend, the king settled in this palace a legendary creature – the Minotaur, which supposedly has a human body with the head of a bull.


Many Greek islands are beautiful, but none is more impressive than Santorini… The volcanic island with white houses dotted along its slopes beckons. The island does not have a cruise terminal, so cruise ship passengers are brought ashore in small tender boats. The first thing to visit on the island is the charming place Fira… In the labyrinths of narrow streets, you will find restaurants, cafes and shops with incredible views of the Caldera.

The next destination is Oia village… She is simply delightful, she falls in love with her at first sight with her white houses with blue roofs, typical of Cycladic architecture. It is here that you will see the most incredible sunset of your life.

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