10 secrets of how a cruise ship works

10 secrets of how a cruise ship works

A cruise ship is a complex mechanism. Even at the design stage, all the little things are taken into account for the convenient and safe operation of the vessel. The most productive work of the crew has been organized, which differs from work on land. There are also places hidden from passengers and interesting features of the vessel itself.

1. Medical center

10 secrets of how a cruise ship works

There is a medical center on board with medical personnel and equipment. The number of doctors and nurses depends on the size of the ship. If you feel unwell, passengers can ask for help. You can also call a doctor if the passenger is unable to move. But you will be billed for all this. Don’t forget to take out insurance, as the bill for a simple inspection can hit your pocket hard. But the crew is treated absolutely free.

2. Helipad


Almost all cruise ships have helipads. They are usually used for emergency hospitalization of patients. If a person becomes ill and the ship’s doctor is unable to help, then they call a helicopter from the nearest shore. And this is not uncommon due to a large number of elderly guests on board.

3. Morgue

10 secrets of how a cruise ship works

Unfortunately, people are dying. And sometimes right during the cruise. Not all ships have morgues. It depends on the size and passenger capacity of each vessel

4. Punishment cell

10 secrets of how a cruise ship works
10 secrets of how a cruise ship works

If the passenger behaves inappropriately and poses a threat to others, then he is placed in a punishment cell. This does not happen often, since the security service on board is not the police. It is allowed to isolate a person only in special cases, after which it will be necessary to prove that this was a forced measure.

5. Encrypted messages for the crew

10 secrets of how a cruise ship works

All ships have a speakerphone, which makes announcements to guests. But sometimes these messages are addressed to the crew and they contain certain commands or information. They are different on different ships. So you will not find a single list of such commands with explanations. Such appeals are made primarily to attract the attention of employees, avoiding panic among passengers.

They can sound like this:
– “Attention! Zero, Zero, Zero” this may mean that a fire has been detected on board, but it is under control (since there was no general alarm). With such a command, the fire brigade is activated, and certain crew members who have responsibilities associated with this situation. If the fire was eliminated, everyone returned to their work, and the passengers did not even know about the incident. If the fire is not eliminated, a general ship alarm for all will follow and the necessary measures will be taken.

– “Attention! Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. Port side, Midship!”
Bravo in this case would mean man overboard. Port side-left side. Midship – the middle of the vessel. With such a command, the crew in the vicinity will rush to the rescue to the designated place.

– “Attention! Starcase, Starcase, , Starcase. Deck 7, Reception! “ Starcase in this case, a code that says that someone needs honey. help. Deck 7, Reception – location (seventh deck, reception desk)
There are separate teams for certain crew members: fire brigade, evacuation group, commanders of gathering places, medical personnel. Also for certain cases: man overboard, fire, danger of attack from the sea (pirates), the threat of mining a ship, etc.

6. Crew area

10 secrets of how a cruise ship works

Guests are not allowed to go wherever they would like. Guest and crew zones are closely related and overlap. This is made for quick and convenient movement of workers. Sometimes you can observe the emergence of a crew member from nowhere and the same disappearance. But the crew can be in the guest area, but the guests are not in the crew. The presence of passengers in the crew area is strictly prohibited. Do not be afraid of accidentally hitting such a place. Passengers simply won’t be able to get where they can’t. And if this happens by accident, the employee who noticed this is obliged to take the passenger back to the guest area.

7. The captain does not control the ship

10 secrets of how a cruise ship works

Many people think that a wooden steering wheel is installed on the bridge behind which the captain stands with a pipe in his mouth and leads the ship, dodging the waves. Progress does not standstill. And ships have been operated by autopilot for a long time. Of course, navigators are watching this and, if necessary, change course, accelerate or vice versa slow down if necessary. The captain is on the bridge during departure, arrival, in emergency situations or during bad weather if required. Therefore, it can be seen in the evening in a restaurant or other place on the ship. But despite the fact that he is not on the bridge, he has full responsibility for the ship.

8. Toilets


A vacuum sewerage system is installed onboard, just like on board the aircraft.

9. The cruise ship has wings

10 secrets of how a cruise ship works

Another similarity to aircraft is the active wings located underwater. They are part of the stabilizer that reduces roll during storms and helps stabilize the boat in the water.

10. Late passengers

10 secrets of how a cruise ship works

Often, passengers are delayed at the port and do not have time to get on board before the ship leaves. What to do? Each case is individual, but usually, the liner does not wait for latecomers. Therefore, passengers independently travel by any available means to the next port and board there again. When, due to high traffic, whole buses with passengers returning from excursions are late, the captain usually waits for them as long as possible. Every extra minute of a ship’s arrival at the port costs the company a pretty penny.

All vessels are different and on each of them everything is arranged differently. Therefore, there may be differences. Thanks for reading my article.

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