Most popular cruise line routes

Cruise is always associated with the word “dream”. Surely, each of us dreamed of going around the world or simply “embarking on an ocean cruise”. Perhaps right now is the time for this dream to come true. Here are the best cruise routes, according to Forbes magazine.

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Along South America via Cape Horn

What is important to know about this direction:

• You can go on a tour from October to April inclusive. This is due to climatic conditions.

• The choice of cruise companies in this direction is not great: Princess Cruises and Holland America Cruises. The latter has significantly outstripped its competitors in recent years.

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• In the liners of these companies there are cabins and service, as in 5 * hotels.

• Be prepared for “formal” evenings – this is when the restaurant is admitted with a strict dress code.

South America cruise

This cruise will be unforgettable thanks to the itinerary. It lasts 13 days and 14 nights. The lucky ones who bought tickets will discover the beauty of the fjords at Cape Horn, they will also visit the southernmost city of the planet – Ushuaia. The route lies through the Strait of Magellan – an amazingly beautiful place. The glitter of blue glaciers and a colony of happy penguins will delight “cruisers”.

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The tour starts in Valparaiso, Chile (near Santiago), and ends in the port of Buenos Aires.

The most memorable route is to Antarctica and back

Typically, this cruise lasts 10-12 days, depending on the cruise line. Direction information:

• Approximately 5 days are allotted for daily “outings” to the mainland. On special inflatable boats, accompanied by experienced specialists. Everyone can visit the only cafe in Antarctica, take a selfie with penguins, and visit abandoned whaling factories.

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• Be prepared for waves of 15-20 meters – this is rather the norm for Drake Passage. But the lower the cabin, the less it rocks.

• Departure for a cruise from the southern city of Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego).

• Usually many scientists are sailing in this direction. Therefore, frequent interesting lectures about this amazing continent are guaranteed. And films are often played of a scientific nature. True, no one canceled clubs and restaurants “because of the cold weather”.

• You can take a cruise in this direction only from November to February (inclusive).

• Tickets for liners must be ordered six months in advance or more. There are a lot of people who want to get to Antarctica, but there are only a few “daring” cruise companies.

Around the world on a liner

I want to talk a lot and for a long time about such a trip. Actually, it lasts (just imagine!) 4 months. Now imagine – ticket booking starts 6 months before departure! The cheapest cabin starts at $ 20,000. What is the maximum cost of a trip around the world on a liner – it is better for us, mere mortals, not to know – we need to take care of our nerves …

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