Symphony of the Seas – the world’s largest cruise ship worth almost one and a half billion $

In 2018, the largest and most expensive cruise ship, Symphony of the Seas, made its maiden voyage. It is known that this ship was under construction on the coast of France for more than three years. The height of the liner is approximately an eighteen-story building, and it weighs about 228 tons! This ship became the most expensive passenger ship in the world, as its cost was almost $ 1.5 billion! Let’s try to talk about what is on Symphony of the Seas and what opportunities does it offer to its “vacationers”?


Expensive trips?

Experts say that the final cost of a trip on this luxurious liner will be clearly immodest. The most budgetary option for a trip on a liner for just 4 days will cost at least $ 1000 for those who want to relax. But for luxury lovers, a twelve-day cruise with a route from Barcelona to Florida will cost more than $ 10,000. Not a bad amount, right?

As you know, the passenger seats in the cabins of this “resort monster” can accommodate 6,870 people, because this liner claims to be the largest and most expensive in the world.

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What can the resort ship offer?

Symphony of the Seas has several floors, each of which has something interesting. This ship was not spared by nanotechnology, because there is a bar where not people work, but robots. You can choose a drink for yourself on a special tablet, and automation will fulfill your order in a matter of minutes. I think the only drawback is that this robot cannot talk to its client, but perhaps such an opportunity will appear in the future.

A tropical park on a liner? It became quite real and it really is. In this incredible park, the most exotic plants have been collected, the number of which exceeds 12 thousand. Among the tropical thickets of beautiful plants, there is an incredible restaurant owned by the famous restaurateur D. Oliver. You can eat in this place around the clock, but what is interesting is that food is delivered to the ship every few months, and food supplies weigh several tons.

Ice rink? Why not. For the well-off guests of the liner, we are ready to offer skating services, as well as regular performances of ice skaters. Russian figure skaters – winners of many international competitions – have become frequent guests on the liner. The entire entertainment program was carefully worked out for over a year even before the cruiser was launched at sea.

Not limited to the choice of entertainment and those who love water parks. For those who like to swim, there are 12 swimming pools, as well as slides, which are about ten meters high.

Theatrical performances have also become a favorite pastime for visitors. Constantly different performances with cool actors – not only a cool vacation but also a sea of ​​emotional impressions.

The hall with slot machines for mischievous people has also become the ship’s hallmark. Here wealthy visitors can not only drain their money on the drums, but also have a couple of cocktails, chat with people and have fun.

Symphony of the Seas – the best cruise ship?

Judging by the reviews of the Symphony of the Seas visitors, this liner is really considered the best due to the high-quality organization of the work of all the ship’s employees. People are literally delighted with even a short stay on the liner. The staff at Symphony of the Seas treat each guest politely, without reproaches or rudeness.

Would you like to go on a 12-day vacation on the Symphony of the Seas cruise ship?

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