What’s inside the largest Costa cruise ship?

Having visited Costa Smeralda, I can say with complete confidence that this is really a real jewel of the company Costa… The liner is completely unlike any other ship in the fleet, it is unique, and also the largest. Today I will share with you all the features that abound on this liner!

Cruise ship Costa Smeralda
Cruise ship Costa Smeralda


First, I want to tell you a little about the liner style. It is built on the concept “made in Italy” and fully captures its spirit. Every deck, every restaurant and area on the ship is associated with this sunny country and bear the names of its cities and attractions. For example, there is the Genoa deck and the main theater – the Colosseum. Unlike its predecessors, the interior Costa Smeralda made in calm colors, there are a lot of green plants on the liner, pleasing to the eye.

Spanish Steps
Spanish Steps


Costa Cruises has gone to great lengths to make your holiday as relaxing as possible. Recreation areas are located throughout the liner: hammocks overlooking the sea, gazebos with soft sofas, swimming pools, jacuzzi. Each guest of the ship will find a place to their liking.

There are several outdoor pools on the ship, around each there is a place for relaxation in the form of gazebos and sun loungers. And by the way, the water in the pools is warm, so cool weather is not terrible. There is also an indoor pool where live music is played in the evening, and during the day you can swim, relax in the jacuzzi and just enjoy your vacation.

The pride and specialty of Costa Smeralda is the Costa Design collection. This is a small exhibition located in the heart of the ship on deck 7. It is decorated in the style of a tunnel and tells the story of Italian design to visitors.

Rest areas on the Costa Smeralda
Rest areas on the Costa Smeralda


It’s time to talk about accommodation on the Costa Smeralda. It would seem that there could be something unusual here, but even here Costa has found something to surprise us. So, on the Costa Smeralda, as on any other ship, there are 4 types of cabins: an internal one with a window, a balcony and a Suite. All cabins are decorated in the same style, and the colors are the same as the deck. The cabins are very spacious and ergonomic. Interestingly, there are no minibars in the cabins, but there is a reason for everything. The company has tried to create a completely new concept of cabins, unlike others.

Internal cabins very spacious, no feeling of enclosed space at all, it can accommodate up to 4 guests. The cabin has everything you need: TV, shower room, safe, wardrobes, hairdryer. By the way, you can even watch Russian channels or listen to music on TV.

Cabins with window a little more internal and their main difference is the window. There is a small sofa near the window where you can relax watching the sea.

And this is where the fun begins: cabins with balcony… The liner has two types of cabins with balconies. There is a standard cabin with a balcony, and there is a cabin with a balcony and a veranda.

We recommend taking a corner cabin with a balcony, since the balcony there is simply huge.

IN a cabin with a veranda, in addition to the balcony, there is the veranda itself. It is an extension of the room, if you open the doors, the cabin will become even larger. There are sofas on the veranda, so in bad weather you can close the doors to the balcony and still enjoy the sea. It is also convenient to take such a cabin if you are going on a cruise with four of us, there is enough space for everyone.

Cabin with veranda
Cabin with veranda

Class cabins Suite also there are two types: Suite and Samsara Suite. Although these cabins are more expensive than all of the above, they have many advantages.

✔ Size: they are two-room, 54 sq.m., like a full-fledged apartment.

✔ These cabins include a personal butler service.

✔ The price also includes: a package of drinks and internet, a visit to the Panorama restaurant, available only for guests of the Suite cabins, priority boarding, a free day at the spa.

✔ Welcome champagne is brought to the cabin, and the mini-bar is already included in the price.

✔ For the cabins of the Samsara Suite, SPA services during the cruise are included in the price.


Another pride of the Costa Smeralda liner. On board you can choose from 19 bars and 11 restaurants… There are not so many bars and restaurants on any Costa ship.

Your gastronomic journey begins with a buffet breakfast “La Sagra Die Sapori” or in one of the al a carte restaurants (à la carte service). The buffet offers a wide variety of dishes, from oatmeal to smoked salmon. Here, an omelet is prepared in front of you. There are a lot of different cuts and sweets.

There is also a buffet and restaurants for lunch. The restaurants serve quite unusual dishes, for example, meat and cheese platter or tiger prawns. Serve guests very quickly. In the restaurant “Il Rugantino “ (7 deck) our order was delivered in 5 minutes.

For dinner, there is a buffet and restaurants to choose from. Main restaurant – “Arlecchino – Giardino” already included in the price. You can also visit any alternative restaurant, but a table in them must be ordered in advance and dinner will be at an additional cost.

Costa Smeralda has separate restaurants for guests of the Suites – Panorama, as well as for holders of the Perla Diamante card – Bellavista… These restaurants have modern furnishings and a very sophisticated menu.

Among the alternative restaurants I would like to mention a family restaurant “Tutti a Tavola”… It is not at all like other restaurants, with a playground adjacent to it, where children can play while their parents enjoy dinner.

Another unusual restaurant – “Lab” – here you can become a chef. Choose your dish and ingredients and cook your own dinner.

And in an alternative Asian restaurant “Teppanyaki” cooking turns into a real show.


The new Costa Smeralda is a celebration every day. To ensure that no guest misses performances, there are two theaters on the ship. In each of them, the performances are held in turn, so you can visit all the performances during the cruise.

Colosseum theater
Colosseum theater

We loved the show in the theater “Coliseum”! It is located on three decks at once and is fully equipped with screens so you can enjoy the show from every corner of the deck. It is interesting that troupes from different countries are invited to the performances, we were lucky enough to attend the performance of acrobats from Ukraine. The theater is surrounded by themed bars such as the Campari Bar, which serves Campari-based drinks.
After the show, a disco begins in the theater. Plays both contemporary music and everyone’s favorite Italian songs.


Costa Smeralda also has a SPA area for those who want to relax as much as possible or enjoy unique beauty treatments. The entrance to the SPA area is paid. The main difference between the SPA area on Costa Smeralda and other liners is salt and snow rooms… You will definitely not find this on other Costa ships.

Spa area on the Costa Smeralda
Spa area on the Costa Smeralda

The spa offers special treatments designed for couples, families and parents with children.

By the way, the spa uses the famous Kerastase cosmetics.

We were completely delighted with the ship and recommend it with full confidence. rest on it

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Celebrity EDGE - a liner that amazes the imagination
Celebrity EDGE – a liner that amazes the imagination
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