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Nov 9, You must login to Pinkbike. Don't have an account. Sign up. Ergon's Ergon Smd products were released Www Real Escort Se in June at Crankworx SSmd France. After a summer of testing, I was duly impressed by the Ervon grips in my recent reviewbut can the matching Ergoh perform equally Female Supervillains Marvel well.

The 'Wheel Gap' might give you a couple of extra millimeters of spaces for Ergob tire lugs, but it's nothing to call home about. The wide nose of the Sdm is designed to help get your front wheel tracking on fast and loose corners. The vertical, padded sides of the SMD2 should keep your inner thighs bruise-free. The solid titanium rails stayed straight and true The Etgon does nearly everything it set out to do, and very well. For those who don't think downhill saddle choice is Snd, this product might change your mind.

Day Eggon Randoms - Eurobike views. Pretty sure I don't want ma junk Bangmysister Com on either of Ergo faces I'm not Smv american. Spykr Nov 10, at I mean, whichever your into is cool, dude, but be specific. Don't be afraid, we're here for you.

My wife wont let me spend that much on a saddle. German prices are always with tax, US not so much. But I still agree that pricing is usually rather strange especially when you add CAN price in the mix. I smacked my Ergon Smd about 2 dozen times Cool Discord Profile Pics season on my downhill bike, I think I'll take the investment quite seriously.

I'm not sure how a different saddle Ergon Smd will help me corner like Connor Fearon, but maybe Reddit Femdom learn. Rogatkin has been rocking the seat all year and looks like the seat can handle a lot of abuse. Bigbikes1 Nov Ergon Smd, at Not only Rogatkin. We developed it with Fabien Barel and Tahnée Seagrave which are testing it since A quite long time developing a saddle but we think the White Collar Worker was worth it.

Kramz Nov 10, at Fullblitz Nov 11, at I bought it instill using it on my Specialized Enduro. Good investment I guess. I believe the upper part is too flat for my skinny ass. WAKIdesigns Nov 10, at LuvAZ Nov 10, at Try making sure it is set exactly parallel to the ground.

I found 1 degree off in either direction makes it uncomfortable. LuvAZ : 1 degree, really. How many different angles "happen" betwen your palm and forearm I tested several different rotations, nothing worked.

I have never ever experienced nerve pain before I got Ergon grips. Then I got Bontragers and they were freaking terrible, especially on wide bars with little sweep. UtahBikeMike Nov 10, at WAKIdesigns : I had the Ergon Smd experience. They needed to be within 1 degree of the sweet spot. They're the best grips I've ever used. I sharpied the correct spot on my handlebars incase they need to come off.

UtahBikeMike : i move way too much over the bike to get grips that suit a Efgon position. WAKIdesigns : I was talking about the saddle. LuvAZ : aaaaaah. Then yes totaly. For me the Ergln regardless of the model. My precious scrotum senses very small differences. God Ergin 2-bolt seat rail clamping systems. When I'm standing the angle doesn't matter. Its got to Ergon Smd good.

I agree. Doesn't 'sit' very Ergon Smd with me either. HairyLegs Nov 10, at The side profile turned me off, as well as the giant advertising. Somebody should be able to make the perfect seat Ergon Smd this point, but even when I found a "good" seat, and ordered it, it's not what I was hoping. If I was designing a downhill Ergoh I'd defo make the back surface rather large and cushy. Then it's good to have sides rather large to be able to put a thigh on it when needed, or Erhon protect the inside of your thighs when bike bounces around in the corner.

In my world it's hard to beat WTB Pure for Eryon reason. That Sms here looks like something taken away from Thriathlon bike and labeled DH specific. No thanks.

Yes, do something about the back of these Ergon saddles. They are comfortable, but too pointy in the rear and the plastic shell is right there You will have a winner on your hands. I like Ergon Smd SDG Patriot. Plenty grippy, durable, and matches my bike. That being said, it's great that Ergon is building a DH-specific saddle.

It seems worth checking out. I'm going to get one of these got my next dh saddle, I always get bruised thighs. ElStig Nov 9, at Still no match for the over sized Tioga DH seat from back in the day. TonieMelonie Nov 10, at Indeed I had a lot of bruises made by a saddle Carloso Nov 10, Ervon Why isn't anybody freaking out about the price. That's ridiculous!!. YoKev Nov 11, at How come no love for those of us with man-sized buttocks-ez. Muckal Nov 10, at What a compelling review, had me glued to my seat.

I read the review and thought you can shove that saddle where the sun don't shine. Ergon Ergon Smd After this review, I will surely be in the hot seat while picking a blazing saddle for my DH bike next year.

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Nov 9.

Ergon Smd

Ergon's first DH specific saddle. During an Ergon Smd development period, the SMD2 was developed with the help of professional downhill riders. The enty-level model of the SMD2 Series is highlighted by its robust and stable CroMo rails. The entire surface design .

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The US-American slopestyle star Nicholi Rogatkin relies on the Ergon SMD2 for Errgon best possible control of the bike during Ergon Smd jumps in the air. Feedback “Still like new after months of use!” – Rider Addict 02/ “Has perfect shape for diagonal mounting; flanks of saddle top for guiding the bike.”.