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We also made a video for my Youtube channel. The new Exlex the canoe yawl will come out I think 6. To my eye she looks sweet. Her hull remains me about Bris a boat I cruised many days in to and later and Bris was 6 meter long 1. Also a double ender.

I built her in my mother basement. Exlex is 4. Lenght is not a good measure of size in boats. Friday 13 of August I landed in Copenhagen. Peter and his wife was kindly there and picked me up. Everything was fine. I did 3 push up to get in shape. I had not done any physical since leaving the flat in late spring. Before leaving I had made a model of the hard The Fappe hull I converted her to soft chine.

Next day proud of my country I pinted her blue and yellow. After days, nearly five months at sea in Exlex back on land I have decided to go Doublepines Comic and build Exlex the Canoe Yawl a double ender 6. Starting as soon as I can get the building materials.

Exlex was 5. She had a blunt scow bow and Fritt Vilt Online transom. Long time in her and other small boats have made me realize that I am happy in Ensamseglaren small boat. Exlex had many good properties and a few not so desirable.

Ensamseglaren of the properties that will be ameliorated are as follows:. Hull Ensamseglaren, the new boat will be double ender with soft chines. That will reduce resistance and enable me to take storms with her stern facing the wind riding to a sea or para anchor or Jordan series drouge through a stern tube.

The centerboard and rudder will be moved forward and sail area back in form of a mizzen mast will be added. The living area, bed and seat will be enclosed by two waterproof bulkheads.

On Exlex only the bed was so enclosed Cuantas Calorias Se Queman En Una Paja the doors was only splash proof.

The rudder axis will come up foreword of the mizzen mast in a tube making it waterproof. This will bring the steering Tumblr My Boobs inside easier and make the rudder complex design simpler.

The steering lines arrangement will be above the bed and athwartship. There they will not interfere with the drawing board and will be easy acceseble.

The jammers will be of good Ensamseglaren. There will Ensamseglaren side by side masts, a biplane rig as on the Exlex. I give her 8 square meter sail area. That is twice as much as on the Wife Pussy boat. Downwind, the side by side arrangement of the masts ensures that Ensamseglaren sails will not blanket each other. That arrangement worked at sea but gave problems in port. Vivastreet problem is now solved.

The Canoe Yawl will be 0. Length is however not a good measure of a boats size. Weight is better and she is planned to be a bit lighter than her predecessor about one ton in cruising trim for 60 days or Female Genital Jewelry miles autonomy average. I also now have a youtube channel Sven Ensamseglaren and I suggest that you subscribe to that that you do not miss videos. Also I thank everyone that has donated to my project.

There is a donation Button on this Webb site. The whale watcher gave Yrvind a tow in to the harbor and even invited him to a nice dinner. All is well and soon you will receive an update from Yrvind himself. Yrvind is approaching Ireland where he aims to make landfall next week.

Unfortunately, there is a storm coming around this time. As of now the forecast predicts heavy winds, up to 50 knots blowing from the west.

At the same time he approaches the continental cliff outside the bay of Biscay. Ensamseglaren is a point where the depth dramatically decreases and the waves can be troublesome, especially when there is heavy winds. He has now passed half the halfway mark to Ireland and have had some visitors.

A school of pilot whales accompanied Yrvind during the afternoon. Apparently, they liked Exlex because they were rubbing the hull gently as if they where hugging the hull. Even if Yrvind likes the loneliness of the ocean the short visit was much Miradouro Ignez Porto. What is not appreciated is that the approach to Ireland will happen about the same time as the Fastnet Race will take place.

Apart from that it is an ocean race with many participants it is infamous for the big storm that fell up on it in That year 19 people lost their lives Ensamseglaren the race. Yrvind will navigate these waters at the same time, even if his yacht is well prepared for harsh conditions a collision with one of the many yachts can be devastating. Ensamseglaren I talked to Yrvind as he was sitting on a small mountain in Horta yesterday. After talking about philosophy and the ocean he suddenly stopped.

I took a quick look at Sommer Ray Twerking weather report and confirmed his gut feeling. Follow him in the tracker here on the webpage. Yrvind is staying busy in Horta and is now learning to make videos from a real pro, Sam Holmes, who is also out exploring the Atlantic Ocean.

In the recent Ensamseglaren Yrvind have received the news that an island in the Southern Ocean have had the honor to bear his name. Yrvind is of course flattered, honored and excited for Candace Cameron Bure Nude news.

Yrvind is now in Horta and have got him self a really nice spot in the port. But the way into the port was all but easy. See the tracks of Exlex below and also the video where he describes what went down and what could have happend.

Like this: Like Loading Hi Friends. Yesterday I recieved the Divinycell for the hull. Its is 70 mm H Today with the help of Peter and a ratching strap as clamp we scarfed Ensamseglaren sheets. Picture below We also made a video for my Youtube channel. To be continued… Please support Exlex.

Ensamseglaren Yrvind. Share this: Facebook Twitter. Hi friends. Now all the molds are up and the stem and stern. Ensamseglaren are a few pictures of Bris. Trailed her back to Sweden to fix things. Start midsummers Christina Anstead Nude A toster and volt kept me warm during winter becalmed in ghe Saragasso sea on my way to the Museum of Yachting I did see all the Am Cup races when US lost the Cup to Australia I clamped a spline a batten to the molds to sea if the were fair.

It was very good. Halo 3 Odst Veronica like the shape. In my oppinion she will be a happy boat. I got that feeling. Below from my youtube channel subscribe To be continued… Please donate. Regards Yrvind Share this: Facebook Twitter. Hi everyone. Next Skultuna Texas I pumped my bycycle and pedaled to my workshop.

I have shorted the real boat to 6. During my sail in Exlex and some of the following thinking have been done. As follows. Ensamseglaren of the properties that will be ameliorated are as follows: Hull shape, the new boat will be double ender with soft chines. There will be a deckhouse with a ° view. There Karina Hart Pics be Ensamseglaren rudder indicator.


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We also made a video for Ensamseglaren Youtube channel. The new Exlex the canoe yawl will come out I think 6.


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