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Future Card Buddyfight Yamigedo

Future Card Buddyfight Yamigedo

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Future Card Buddyfight Yamigedo

This is about the character. For the card, see Great Fiend, Yamigedo. "Yamigedo" is the main in the anime/manga of Future Card Buddyfight Hundred. He's the leader of Hundred Demons, and Ikazuchi's former "buddy monster" until he grew so powerful, he could technically buddy himself. Before the battle with Hyakugen Yamigedo, it was revealed that Yamigedo spawns his .

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Yamigedo "Heroic Victorizing" Kanji: ヤミゲドウ 「英雄勝利拳」 Kana: ヤミゲドウ 「えいゆうしょうり けん」 Romaji: Yamigedō `Eiyū Shōriken' Card Type: Impact Monster: Size: 3 Power / Critical / Defense: / 3 / Attribute: Hundred Kauid.

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