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Lord Bracknell

Lord Bracknell

Lord Bracknell

Oscar Wilde

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How does being known as Lord of Bracknell or Lady of Bracknell sound to you. What about the Baron of Bracknell. When I got real help from our sponsors www.

Lord Bracknell

Lord Bracknell An analysis of Lord bracknell who never actually is seen in the play Bracknel who is referenced to often. An important minor character in Oscar Wilde's Importance of Being Earnest.

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Lord Bracknell seems to be the victim of a kind of abstract domestic abuse — ignored, unconsidered, hidden away, and relegated to the status Lord Bracknell an invalid child. When Lady Bracknell tells Algernon that his absence from the dinner party will require her husband to ‘dine upstairs’ and ‘he is accustomed to that’.