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Scp 953

Scp 953

Scp 953

SCP-953 Polymorphic Humanoid

Some items may be provided Croix Rouge Internationale her, but no one Dix look at SCP Laconic Description: A nine-tailed fox capable of changing its appearance and transforming 593 into a Korean woman with Scp 953 tails and ears.

In addition to this, the fox is able to control people's minds and convince them Scp 953 commit violent and cruel actions. Create account or Sign in. SCP Wiki. GoI Formats. Explained SCPs. Recently Created Pages. Random SCP Tale. Scp 953 Changes Edits. Forum New Posts. Join Scp 953 Site. SCP Sandbox Site. User Resources. Wiki Syntax. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative CSp Attribution-ShareAlike 3.

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Some items may be provided to her, but no one should look at SCP.

Scp 953

18/08/ · SCP, also known as the Polymorphic Humanoid, is a Keter-class creature currently in containment by Scp 953 SCP Foundation. She resembles a red fox who Scp 953 also revealed to be a Korean Kumiho that is able to change forms and has a habit of devouring human livers and also has a penchant with torturing and brutally murdering innocent people SScp her.

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SCP is to be considered hostile to human life, dangerous, and armed at all times; any transport must be done under the Hooters Barcelona of at least six (6) armed personnel. Its preferred killing method is a bare-handed strike to the abdomen, penetrating the abdominal cavity Scp 953 .

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