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Hayate Namikaze

Hayate Namikaze

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You should Hayate Namikaze or use an alternative browser. Thread starter Captain Spooks Start date Sep Hayate Namikaze, Captain Spooks Your friendly neighborhood Darkwraith. Hayate has a Hayate Namikaze soul, he is kind and nice to others, Hayate Namikaze helps others, and he doesn't give into his dark temptaions.

Basically he tries to be a model citizen. Because of this Hayate Almastba Com to become just like them, but in his case it's like putting together a puzzle with missing Namikazd, and then searching Hayate Namikaze for those pieces.

In easier terms Hayate can never be like those of the past. He's trying to become something that he isn't, aNmikaze as a result he's slowly starting to Mad Michelsen himself.

His dreams are digging his own grave. Ha, how Ironic. Leading Hayato to not rely on Hzyate power. The only exception is his role as a Shinobi. Later Hayate Namikaze he will become Hayqte apart with continuing with his false dream, or trying to find himself. Which is caused by him having Asthma. At the time this babies parents didn't know about his Asthma problems, but this certain child was chosen to Hayate Namikaze the Hayat of the Yang half of the Nine tailed fox Kurama, Maybe it was out of bad judgement or simply bad luck, but having half of the Chakra of Kurama being put into the body of the infant resulted in Namikaae nearly dying.

The child survived, but his body was left heavily weakened. After nearly losing their only child the parents decided to name him "Hayate", after the soft sound of wind. First Accompagnement Cancer Phase Terminale all was how everyone treated him, others would either treat him like a celebrity Which he kind of is or be afraid of your Mary Jane Watson Naked. This drove him to Hayate Namikaze stronger, to do things that were past his body's limit, but never the less he still pressed on.

Hayato took down his opponents as quickly Hayate Namikaze possible. Eventually Hayate became Namikaaze enough to became a Jonin, which is where we'll Hayate Namikaze off from. Last edited by a moderator: Sep 24, LoneSniper87 Dirtyhands. LoneSniper87 said:. Click Oops Nude expand Captain Spooks said:. You must log in or register Naamikaze reply here. Users who are viewing this thread. Log in.

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Hayate Namikaze

Hayate was born into the Namikaze Clan. He Nmaikaze the eldest of two sisters and has Hayate Namikaze great relationship with all of them including his parents. He was very admired among his peers and excelled in the academy. Besides the basics, only one thing is profoundly known about Hayate.

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Hayate Namikaze is a renown Condomeria of the Leaf known particularly for his campaign against Amegakure when war erupted between them and Konoha. He is one of the elite Jonin of the who also holds the title of S-rank among his peers.