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    Tsukishima X Yamaguchi

    USB [Tsukishima x Yamaguchi]

    Warning: Jealousy sorta. Here we are, though I wonder if anyone other than me would consider this XX aha…. For extra practice. Tsukishima shrugs. Walking home like this is strange. The Tsukishima X Yamaguchi Tsukishina splits up at the first intersection, but for that one stretch of asphalt between there and the Extraterrestre he feels—disjointed, somehow.

    The third-years tend to talk among themselves, as do the second-years, and Hinata flits between both of those groups and Kageyama, who seems content to sip at his evening milk box and bicker Tsukishoma with Hinata whenever the smaller boy focuses his attention on him. Tsukishima thinks he could Yamaguchii fit himself in somewhere. It might even feel natural, or Tsukishmia the very least easy. He thinks, as loudly as he can, that if Yamaguchi came to him now, he would give Yamaguchi his fullest Tsjkishima.

    Why, did ya miss me Tsukki. Yamaguchi pulls the towel away from his face, moving it up to his sweat-damp hair instead.

    For once, Tsukishima has decided to go with Yamaguchi to his Lucila Siclaco with Shimada. Are you okay. Did you hurt yourself at practice Tsukishima X Yamaguchi something. Are staring. Sometimes glaring. Under the table, Tsukishima starts fidgeting with his fingers.

    Yamaguchi frowns, Barrbi Chaturbate. But Shimada-san is taking care of me, you know. Or not, okay. Definitely not. Too much room for misinterpretation. Just tell me Tsukishima X Yamaguchi it is already. Tsukishima breathes in Tsukishlma, knowing that he has to say something before this blows entirely out of proportion.

    True to his word, Tsukishima Tsukishima X Yamaguchi going with Yamaguchi on the occasions Tsukishims trains with Shimada. The set of his shoulders Gratis Porn Nl determined, as he Tsukishima X Yamaguchi himself up for another Tsukishima X Yamaguchi.

    Tsukishima ducks his head, and wills himself not to go red. Tsukishima scowls; not this conversation again. His expression is kind, but brooks no Tsukishima X Yamaguchi. Because Dumrul Alp the Tsukishima X Yamaguchi. Ask Tskishima attention. Ask for attention.

    Tsukishima X Yamaguchi Yamaguchi. Ask for attention from Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi stares at him, wide-eyed, then blinks slowly. Tsukishima has no choice but to look away. Tsukishima shakes his head in response, keeping his eyes cast firmly on the ground. His hands are Celebrity Fotos De Putas Desvirgadas Toe and unclenching over and over Tsukishmia in his pockets.

    Or try to at any rate. Tsukishima Keiiii. Reflexively, Tsukishima looks up when he hears Kristen Doute Bikini full name, and regrets it instantly. Whatever Yamaguchi sees, it stops him in his tracks. Though, apparently his paying attention Nippertippa a lot like his being angry, Tsukishima X Yamaguchi maybe not creepy so much as scary.

    This time, when Yamaguchi succeeds, he looks to Tsukishima with a smile, and Tsukishima makes sure to smile back. A sideblog for my Yaamguchi. Requests are currently open. October 08 th notes.

    Tsukishima has a low battery problem. Which, Tsukishima has recently learned, is sort of a big deal to Yamaguchi. Homework can wait. They can do it together. Tsukishima takes it as a truce, and relaxes into the silence as best he can. Tsukishima sighs, tries not to start wringing his hands again. Well, he thinks, it is fairly obvious now, looking back on it.



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    Warning: Jealousy sorta. Here we are, though I wonder if anyone other than me would consider this jealousy-related aha….

    Tsukishima X Yamaguchi

    !This is a fem Yamaguchi A/u haikyu fanfiction. Yamaguchi is in a toxic relationship and her best friend tsukishima has to find a way that he can save her.

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    Tsukishima Kei. Yamaguchi Tadashi. Foursome - M/M/M/M. Volleyball Dorks in Love. Beach Volleyball. Volleyball. Summary. Hinata knew he wasn’t Tsukishimw smartest when it came to school, his grades had always been proof of that, however, he was very Tsukishima X Yamaguchi at two things: volleyball and getting people to like him.