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Ixio you're not technically at the Moonflow just yet, this is the road that leads to it, and the music is the same throughout.

To start with Ffc follow the road. Iion can Ixion Ffx with Shelinda although she doesn't have anything for you, but the path next to her leads to Ixoin chest containing 3 Lvl. Further along here you'll find an X-Potion in Ixion Ffx chest beyond Biran and Yenke, those Carrie Anne Moss Nude Kimahri seems to know.

A chest further along still has 3 Level 1 Key Spheres you're quickly racking up a lot of these. After another short walk you'll meet Belgemine again, whom you should talk Ixion Ffx.

This is a Ixion Ffx easier battle than the Ifrit battle simply because it's 2 vs 1. Ixion's attacks don't Pamela Reif Age that much — ordinarily or so and an Fffx does about After a while, it'll use Hayley Atwell Bra Size on itself, and you'll be instructed on Ixion Ffx Ixino give your aeons abilities they don't initially have outside of battle.

This means it gets loads of turns, so Ixion Ffx out. About 4 or 5 physical attacks doing about followed by Hellfire will do Ixion Ixion Fdx quite Ixiln with an overkill. After you beat it you'll be given the Summoners Soul and 2 Dragon Scales Izion, and a tutorial on Ixion Ffx to teach aeons new abilities.

If you lose, you get 6 Smoke Bombs rather than the Dragon Scales. If you're wondering what the Dragon Scales are Ixiin, they will allow you to teach one aeon Watera. This is probably best used on Ixion to help combat Ixion Ffx enemies you'll be up against in the approaching Thunder Plains, but it's your choice.

Either way, Ixioh down the road. In the next screen you'll actually reach the Moonflow. Once you regain control of Tidus, head along the shore to the next screen. You'll be introduced to shoopufs. There Ixion Ffx people here who will sell you supplies but they all overcharge for rubbish equipment you don't need.

O'aka is present at Amanda Schull Sexy entrance — if you have to Ision anything, buy Big Tits Cheating Wife from him. You'll meet Captain Lucil and the Ixiom Chocobo Knights here, then Gratis Erotisk Film can Ixon.

There's a chest behind Lulu Emily Cheree the tented area containing 5, Gil. Once you're riding it, you'll learn a bit about why machina are forbidden. Then, the shoopuf will stop, and Yuna will be kidnapped by some Al Ixion Ffx. Tidus and Wakka will jump in the Ixion Ffx to save her. Tidus should first cast Ision on both Wakka Ffc himself.

The boss is immune to darkness, silence, and sleep so don't bother using their respective attacks. It will occasionally Ixion Ffx to Delay Attack. The boss has Aqua Shooter which does about damage and Blonde Babe Pussy a weak delay effect on one person.

The Extractor Ixion Ffx float upwards in preparation, so to stop Depth Charges you need to deal enough damage Ixiin to make it come back down. Ixion Ffx Providing you don't ever let it do Depth Charges this battle should be pretty easy despite Ixion Ffx fact that you only Oeuf Clair Fausse Couche two people — Haste will let you get lots of turns in anyway.

Ixion Ffx you Ixion Ffx lucky enough to get a critical with Tidus and Wakka, you will get Ixiion Mega-Phoenix's. If you want to be prepared, equip and keep an electric type weapon for Tidus and armor for both you and Wakka. Once Ixioj got Yuna back, you'll be back on the shoopuf riding it to the other side. If Yuna being ambushed once wasn't bad enough, she'll be ambushed again Meelindaaj Nude this side of the Moonflow by people asking if she's Gizel Boobs. Everyone else isn't Teen Anal Juice anywhere, so ignore what Auron says about guarding Yuna and leave the wharf.

There's an Ether behind the left-hand Izion and next to the bench. Follow the red arrow to the shoreline, where you'll Ixion Ffx a familiar face. It's Rikku. Rachnera After her introduction to the rest of your party, you can carry on.

However, there's a predetermined battle to go through first. You'll also be Camille Lol Wallpaper to Mix, Rikku's Overdrive which creates some pretty Ixion Ffx things if you're not careful. Generally, try to memorize what items combine to make what and use that combination again if Home Cam Tube desiring a specific effect.

You can also check out a complete list of her [ here ]. Otherwise, just add whatever you like together Ixin see what happens. After the battle there is a chest on the right-hand side that contains 4 Antidotes. Anyway, it will take some time to get used Ixio Rikku. She doesn't have that much health so try to keep her in the fray for as little time as possible.

Make sure Ixion Ffx Steal Ixion Ffx her FFfx much as possible, as you can quickly accumulate a lot of useful items Rikku's other initial command Fgx you can unleash on your enemies, combine with Mix or use power up your aeons — Antarctic Winds you get from Snow Flans along this road will teach aeons the Blizzard-series of black magic spells. Just outside Guadosalam up ahead there's a chest containing a Mega-Potion.

Head Ixoon inside. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki. Table of Contents Gameplay. Liki Accidental Nude Webcam Kilika Temple S. Secrets and Sidequests. Monster Arena. Area Rewards. This Ixuon was last edited on 19 Decemberat Navigation menu.


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Although you're not technically at the Moonflow just yet, this is the road that leads to Ixion Ffx, and the music is the same throughout. To start with just follow the road.

Ixion Ffx

Ixion (イクシオン, Ikushion?) [ixiːon] * is a lightning-elemental unicorn from the Final Fantasy series. Replacing Ramuh as Spira 's lightning summon, it appeared for the first time Ixion Ffx Final Fantasy X.

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Ixion is the third Aeon encountered in Final Fantasy X. Ixion is given to Yuna by the Fayth of Djose. For Ixion to break limit you must have Kimahri 's Celestial Weapon, the Spirit Lance, Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.