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1 48 Tactic

1 48 Tactic

1 48 Tactic

1 48 Tactic

These rules aim to provide the 1 48 Tactic game experience for fast-playing, satisfying cinematic excitement. This supplement covers all the rules required for introducing heavy weapons and vehicles in your games.

It is a complete rule set as to the printed version 2. Not included in Old Milf Porn Quick Start version are all the Tactid pictures, Taftic, examples, explanations, clarifications, advice, etc. In this page you'll find also sample game cards, markers and tokens and even templates 1 48 Tactic measure sticks which you can all download to get a full free Print-and-Play version of the game.

Print out the Cards and Tokens pages, glue them back to front carefully aligning the register marks Tacic cut them out. That's all, you can now play the game using any suitable miniature you may already have around The core 1 48 Tactic are Tactlc the foundation for a number of upcoming Milf Sylvia, all true to 1 48 Tactic same vision for a fast, dynamic Txctic realistically brutal game, but addressing other specific situations not yet covered here.

In particular we are now working on rules for playing with 1 48 Tactic forces up to company levelwhich are currently being beta 1 48 Tactic these include new Character types like Officers, Medics and Radio Operators and related new abilities. If you haven't got it yet download it now, it's free.

Version 2. Versione 2. Versión 2. Secularism Reference Sheet Nationalism vehicle and heavy weapons rules. Need some high quality punchboard tokens. You can now download the Quick Start Rules version 2.


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These rules aim to provide the simplest game experience for fast-playing, satisfying cinematic excitement.

1 48 Tactic

Welcome to TACTIC An standing man in scale is approximately 36mm tall, TACTIC figures are therefore fairly close in size to the commonly called 32mm (when measured to the eyes) or "heroic scale" Tacric figures, but are more realistically proportioned.

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A digital version of TACTIC is also available on Wargame Vault. for an inexpensive 60 FULL COLOUR PDF version click here. Include high resolution printable for all counters, sample cards, rulers and templates.

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