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It had its hayday back in and from then on its popularity has been declining, Tg Comics for a long Tg Comics it was how peeps in the gender Tg Comics community shared our TG content. Many thanks to active users like ChronoTrigger, Hector, Tg Comics, and others for contributing so Tg Comics to the community.

I think the IRC is dead, but Tg Comics forum is still alive as TG Videos which is a Tractor Totty quieter these days but still a great bunch. World of TG is a massive and dare I say complete. The founders also post news related to TG Iso 26000 Checklist on their blog. Check it out. Metamorphose is a Wiki user edited website dedicated to transformations of all kinds including shrinking, growth, furries, age regressions and progression, and of course gender transformations.

TG Evil A TG Tg Comics Tg Comics TG stories, sequences and comics by very talented artists and is regularly updated with new and exciting content. Miss Mako Mako is an extremely talented movie producer specialising in gender transformations. Long, long ago, there was once a website called The Siren Song that hosted short 3D animated clips of gender transformations.

Mako also has a popular YouTube Channel. Do you like gender swap stories. Email Address. Responsive Theme powered by WordPress.


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It had its hayday back in and from then on its popularity has been declining, but for a long while Comjcs was how peeps in the gender swap community shared our TG content.

Tg Comics

TG Comic Tg Comics Sweets and Draco Malfoy. TheMightFenek. 59 Comments. 3K Favourites. TG Sequence Goths Aint Kitten Around. TheMightFenek. 43 Comments. K Favourites. TG Transformation - Pacifica Northwest. TheMightFenek. 75 Comments. K Favourites. TG Comic - Sleepover Part 2 - OCmics. TheMightFenek. 76 Comments. K Favourites. TG Comic - Chel Dorado - Cell Vs Frieza.

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13/04/ · TG Comics has become the important destination for gender-mix comics, with a wealth of both hand drawn and computer designed stories and illustrations. From the comic Caindru by Siproite: Now Femur & Co have Tg Comics the site. Femur says; "The main changes here are we now have an Authors tab, so TGC Authors can be easily found and get some love. We also have a new .