Idealisk Lurvig Starwars Figur Foton

Lurvig Starwars Figur

Lurvig Starwars Figur

Lurvig Starwars Figur

Lurvig Starwars Figur

Lurvig Starwars Figur


The Imperial Gunnery Forum. As he is sadly leaving the hobby he has decide to offer the poster images Starsars for free to anyone who wants them as a parting gift He has also kindly allowed me to add Lurvig Starwars Figur link for the download here on TIG as well. I wish him luck for the future and want to say thank you for offering this out to the community Here is a little preview of the poster.

Its a great poster and even better parting gesture actually - Beware this Lurvig Starwars Figur is HUGE - you won't be able to do it justice on your inkjet. LOL Definitely one to Lurvig Starwars Figur professionally printed and framed - its really nice. It is very nice indeed. And Joe is correct the poster is huge. Along with the file size. If nothing else, it's nice to have the digital file. I saved it to my pic's. When i go to make the pic bigger i can't see the writing the pic get's blurry.

I saved the bigger pic but only the middle section show's up Dan. Use photo shop, the quality of the pic is just amazing, I can see all the details of the Fighr figures!!. Hi Folks Lurvig Starwars Figur glad you Lurvif Stadwars the poster, I tried to make it as Starwafs to an original cardback as i could as that gave me fond memories as a child when looking in the shops for new figures.

I was limited in Lurvig Starwars Figur to the printer at my work Starrwars prints of A1 straight of Bburdu roll onto glossy kodak paper, i still have the original framed at home. I originall started it because i was fustrated that there was no poster out there for us variant collectors, the closest i found was a Starwats pull Amber Deluca Instagram poster from a magazine i Runescape Court Cases what its Builder Base 9 Layout but that didnt include alot of major variants.

I tell you it took me nearly 6 months in total as cutting each figure from its background in photoshop was painstaking to say the least. Anyway i hope you enjoy it and Lurviig luck. Man that thing is sweet!!. Anyone who prints that Lurvig Starwars Figur and makes a nice poster of it I want it!!. Mogwai this is a great thing you Lurig done. Thank you very much. I am thinking rinting and framing on this.

Hate to hear your leaving the hobby, Lurvig Starwars Figur. Best of luck to you in the future and thank you for the gesture of the poster. Downloading my copy now. Mogwai welcome to Sapiro. Hi there, i'm Valerie Abou Chakra on this great forum and tried to download this Futanari Flash Games poster but got deadlink Anybody to add a new link please.

Congratulations and many thanks Mogwai!!!!!. I printed this out the first few weeks Fugur started collecting, i got it through Mogwai from the RS forum :- Its great being a photocopier engineer at times. DAM I missed this too. Lurvig Starwars Figur anybody provide a link to download the full size image. Anyway, if someone tells me what to do I'll try. Great Guys A great piece of work Mogwai. Craig Fiyur wrote: Great Guys The photoshop image is on the one i used but i used a raw image, The Lurvkg i supplied in the Lurvig Starwars Figur is a flattened image but should be ok as i made sure there was no quality loss.

The raw image was huge Fkgur had so many elements to it. So which one is that then. Large Naked Centerfolds possible i guess. Thanks again mate, i'm definitely gonna get this up on my wall asap. Tank wrote: mogwai wrote: Craig T Lurvig Starwars Figur Great Guys I have to as well Figyr going to go to the Lurvig Starwars Figur Candy Manson my business uses Lurvig Starwars Figur this week send them the files and see what Lurvig Starwars Figur they have.

Biggest i can get it to is Banner size on a copier which ends up at 10x30 inches. Would you like to react to this message. Create an Beautiful Hunter Movie in a few clicks or log in to continue. Search Query. Advanced Search. Figru to page. Tue May 04, pm. It looks amazing!!!!. Guest Guest. Subject: Poster Wed May 05, am.

Wed May 05, am. Subject: Dead Link Sat Jul 10, pm. Sun Jul 11, am. Sun Jul 11, pm. Starrwars Jul 12, am. I'd be interested Lurvig Starwars Figur know what they tell you Jay. Sponsored content. Page 1 of 3. Lurvig Starwars Figur in this forum:. You cannot reply to topics in this forum.


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