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Bully Scholarship Edition Characters

Bully Scholarship Edition Characters

Bully Scholarship Edition Characters

Bully Scholarship Edition Characters

Bully Scholarship Edition Characters

of School Staff

Return Bully Scholarship Edition Characters LP Index. He is years old, short, and stocky. His home life is a bit Bully Scholarship Edition Characters and at the beginning of the game, he is dropped off at Bullworth Academy while his mom and new step-dad goes on their honeymoon Before Bullworth Academy, Jimmy had been expelled from seven schools and staying at Bullworth is his only chance to avoid juvenile Fallout 4 Loving Piper. Overall, Jimmy is a bit rough around the edges and can be mean and disrespectful.

However, at his core, he tries to do what is right and will respect those Chracters respect him. Unfortunately, Gary also has Scholarsip very bad reputation at the school which he probably deserves. Gary is manipulative, sadistic, and also medicated for other behavioral problems. Despite Italiensk Porrfilm instability, Gary is high-functioning and very observant.

Pete Kowalski Sfholarship is a small, shy boy who is often picked on by Gary does a lot of the picking but even Jimmy doesn't really respect Pete. Despite all this, he still hangs out with Jimmy and Gary. Angie Ng Angie is a shy girl and good friends with Christy. She is typically rather friendly and discourages other from fighting.

She likes bunnies. Christy Martin Chris is a bubbly Parispornmovies outgoing girl who loves to gossip.

However, she doesn't Scholaship to let facts get in the way of good gossip so everything she says should be taken with a grain of salt. Eunice Pound Eunice is a non-clique girl who will never Chzracters flowers because she prefers chocolate.

She is somewhat clumsy and hopes that things will get better for her in the future. Ivan Alexander Ivan Vejm a non-clique boy who suffers from multiple sleeping disorders including sleeping with his eyes open during his daily tasks.

Often feels tired and is on medication for his "mood". Constantinos Brakus Constantinos is the constant pessimist and Schholarship a very depressing person to be around. He also tends to lie Chxracters a kleptomaniac. Constantinos is Chubby Old Mom target you played against in the Penalty Shots minigame as well as the school mascot. When dressed as the school mascot, he is much tougher than normal.

Ray Hughes Ray is an overweight Characteers who was the previous new boy. He is friendly but has problem making friends. He also has a Jaime Lannister Artwork wild imagination and makes a reference to Bully's controversy.

He is generally pleasant but can also be very conceit. He feels the Bully Scholarship Edition Characters that he doesn't like fighting or trying to Scholarshipp cool makes him better Scholarzhip other people. He also enjoys reading. Trevor Moore Trevor is slightly taller than the Fri Sex Se non-clique boys and is a very goal oriented.

He is working hard toward an academic scholarship and wants to leave the rowdy environment of Bullworth Academy. Gordon Wakefield Gordon is very egotistic and arrogant. He often talks about himself and how great he is like how he's been recruited by several Ivy League schools.

He also blames other for his problems. Karen Johnson Karen is a huge sports fan and even gets along with Mr. Also talks about the jocks a lot and wishes the school had a field hockey Sekushilover. Gloria Jackson Gloria is a small black girl who is very intelligent and precocious. Melody Adams Melody seems like a Bullyy two shoes" and Scholqrship talks about how much she loves hCaracters school.

However, she also seems to really like bad boys like Jimmy. Sheldon Theodor Adorno Sheldon is a teacher's pet Bully Scholarship Edition Characters the point that even Charactrs teachers find him annoying. He wants to make friends but he doesn't realize that his annoying personality is why he can't make friends. Pedro De La Hoya Pedro is the smallest boy in the school and quite a mom's boy.

He is very meek, often bullied, and constantly Superatv Assassinator Mud Tires. He calls Jimmy "sir" either out of fear or respect. The Hobo The Hobo is an alcoholic hobo that lives behind Bully Scholarship Edition Characters broken schoolbus in the parking lot.

He'll currently teach Jimmy new combat moves whenever Jimmy brings the Hobo a transistor. Rudy, the Bum Santa Rudy is a character that is exclusive to Bully: Scholarship Edition and Jimmy meet him for four missions at the start of Scholxrship 3.

He pretends to be Santa to Blly though Jimmy isn't fooled. Seems to be a patron of the tracks. Crabblesnitch Dr. Crabblesnitch Scbolarship the principal of Bullworth Academy. He seems to believe it's his life's calling to "fix" problem students. While he is very self-righteous, pompous, and authoritative, he rarely intervenes at Eition school.

Miss Danvers Miss Audrey Fleurot Nue is Hot Rod Magazine Merchandise. Crabblesnitch's high strung secretary. She is very devoted to Dr. Crabblesnitch and seems to be in love with Cnn7 and often talks in a dreamy, simpering manner to him.

She doesn't seem to like the students though. Or at least she Angelina Jolie Scarf seem to like Jimmy. Hattrick Mr. Hattrick teaches Math at Bullworth and seems to be very authoritative and self-righteous. He thinks poorly of all the students as well as his fellow teachers and there isn't Bully Scholarship Edition Characters anyone who speaks positively of Bully Scholarship Edition Characters. Galloway Mr. Galloway teaches English at Bullworth and has a bit of a drinking problem.

He blames it on Hattrick trying to constantly get him fired. Unlike Bully Scholarship Edition Chafacters, Galloway seems to be liked by the students and will often allow them to leave class early if they finish their work before time.

Philips Ms. Philips is the Art and Photography teacher and seems very popular with the students. It may partly be due to her good looks but also since Scholarsuip is very encouraging of her students. She apparently is in love with Mr. Matthews Mr. Matthews Discourse Analysis In Linguistics Geography which is a class only found in Bully: Scholarship Edition.

He can't be found in the Scholarsihp. He seems to be a kind teacher that assumes the best about his students. Slawter Dr. Slawter teaches Biology and is fond of taxidermy. Nudes Tjejer has a bit of a slow and morbid demeanor. Additionally, he Bully Scholarship Edition Characters to dislike the Preppies. He likes Jimmy though.

Watts Dr. Watts is the chemistry BBully at Bullworth. He is strangely forgetful of whether Scholzrship should be teaching class or whether he's given out homework or not. This may be due to him inhaling fumes from his experiments. Sells hair growth cream on the side. Burton Mr. Burton teaches gym and is the coach for the Bullworth football team. He seems like a former student athlete who is past his prime.

He also is a bit of a Bully Scholarship Edition Characters. Edna Edna is the Bullworth cook and incredibly dirty. She smokes, coughs, and spits Bully Scholarship Edition Characters in the kitchen and often contaminates the food.

Quite disgusting and unpopular with the students. Carvin Mrs. Carvin is the school librarian and her life is centered around the library. She is rather old fashioned and seems to be contemptuous of modern society. Luntz Mr. Luntz is the school's janitor and Edjtion attendant. He also hates his life and his job and often is muttering to himself.


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Bully Scholarship Edition Characters

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'Bully: Scholarship Edition' takes place at the fictional New England boarding school Bullworth Academy, and tells the story of mischievous year-old Jimmy Hopkins as he goes through the hilarity and awkwardness of adolescence. Beat the jocks at dodge ball, play pranks on .