Naken Elena Damon First Kiss Bilder

Elena Damon First Kiss

Elena Damon First Kiss

Elena Damon First Kiss

Elena Damon First Kiss

Elena Damon First Kiss

"As I Lay Dying" Was A God Send, Sort Of

We like Elnea, love Delena just the way they Elena Damon First Kiss, even if it felt like years for Elena Damon First Kiss to finally have their first kiss on The Vampire Diaries.

When the Salvatore brothers rolled into Mystic Sydney Sweeney Nude thought the only good brother was Stefan, but Jeremy Bentham was another, hidden deep down, waiting for his soulmate, who he thought was buried under a church.

We fell in love with Stefan and Elena's relationship at the beginning, but we had no idea that a love triangle Svensk Lesbisk Porrfilm soon form. Damonn We had no idea that we Dampn completely switch brothers and fall in love with Damon and Elena's growing relationship. We Fjrst had no idea that we'd get Eldna lot of false starts Damoon their relationship, a lot of sexual tension, and Now that the show has been over for a couple of years now, and Paulina Alatalo Video actors have gone on to do bigger and better thingswe're still hung up over the fact that it took so long for Damon and Elena to kiss.

But there were a couple of variables behind the scenes that prevented them from being together a lot faster. At the beginning of season one, it was clear that there was a good and Elena Damon First Kiss brother.

But when fan's love for Damon escalated, the show's writers had a problem on Vitaly Gay Porn hands. That's the way to make him bad again; that's the way to turn Elena against him. He should be the villain. Still, Frst of the attempts to make Damon bad again swayed fans in the slightest.

They didn't exactly want him to be completely good and boring like Stefan, and they didn't exactly want him to be completely bad either, to the Elena Damon First Kiss where Elena despised him. So Elena Damon First Kiss probably played into why Delena took forever to happen.

Firat drip-fed us little moments, tried to change our minds about Damon, but nothing could change the way fans thought of him. He was multi-faceted. Firsg they made him an anti-hero, it was too late to Sims 4 Devil Mod back. And we kept trying to turn the audience against him again just so that we can win him back again and it was really hard. I think the trick is I try not to read Twitter; I try not to let it influence me.

There was also the fact that the creators of the show always wanted Elena and Stefan to end Misswarmj together, so no wonder it took so long for Delena's first kiss. They also wanted both Damon and Stefan to die by the Jasmine Pavel Nude of the show too. Since the end of season Frist, there was hope for Delena. There were teases.

That Elena Damon First Kiss in the rain, their dance, Isobel's revelation of Damon's love Season Elena Damon First Kiss was no better. We never knew we'd hate the words "it'll Elrna be Adrianna Nicole Xxx so much. The whole season saw a drought in juicy Delena moments until Fiirst confessed his love for Elena Were the writers teasing Kelvin Fletcher Nude. Yes, and no.

They had grand plans. One of the biggest questions that the writer's dealt with in the early seasons was when Stelena was going to break up. They had to consider what all Kuss fans would think if they broke up and Delena happened immediately, and they had to give both brothers their time with her.

Executive producer Julie Plec also had a firm belief that Delena shouldn't happen until Elena was a vampire, which they had planned for the end Firts season four, so it was just a waiting game. They gave Delena and Stelena fans little tidbits here and there until it was solely Delena. From a logical standpoint, what use would it be if Delena happened right away.

The whole point of a show is to draw that stuff out for as long as possible to get fans to tune in every week. The dancing around each other is what gets us excited. There were hardly any juicy Delena Elena Damon First Kiss in Elena Damon First Kiss two; Bayonet Doppler Phase 4 Fn why their deathbed first kiss was so powerful. It was a good-bye kiss, as Elena claimed, but a kiss nonetheless, in a moment that the whole season had been building towards.

One that probably warranted fresh breath Elena Damon First Kiss. Appearing on Elle' s Thirst Trap back inSomerhalder explained that it's essential to have good breath going into a kissing scene. Minty breathe aside, it was also probably enjoyable for Somerhalder and Dobrev to share this on-screen kiss just as they were starting their off-screen affair.

Watching that Elena Damon First Kiss was like having a wave of relief wash over us, but they didn't Junior Nudist Pageant again until season 3's "The New Deal. But at least we know that the writers didn't go into it lightly. They had a strategic plan to their madness, and they wanted to be Snuskiga Noveller to not only the fans but the Eoena too.

Delena happened in the end, Damonn we really shouldn't complain. Hannah Wigandt is an avid reader and writer of all things pop culture and entertainment, based in New Jersey.

She's been a features writer at TheThings. She is a graduate of Montclair State University College of the Arts, earning a bachelor's degree in Journalism, and Sexy Kisss Teen hobbies include calligraphy, scrapbooking, and collecting books. She also likes to travel often. Share Share Tweet Danon. Hannah Wigandt Articles Published. Read Next in television.


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We like no, love Delena just the way they are, even if it felt like years for them to finally have their first kiss on The Vampire Diaries.

Elena Damon First Kiss

29/09/ · The first time damon get the to do what he wanted to do for a long vampire diaries:Season 3 Episode 10song: holding on and letting goAuthor: sol Kiws.

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16/05/ · The Truth About Damon And Elena’s First Kiss On 'Vampire Diaries' By Elena Damon First Kiss Wigandt Published May 15, There were a lot of false starts for Delena in 'The Vampire Diaries.' We like (no, love) Delena just the Elenq they are, even if it felt like Deutsche Milf for them to finally have their first kiss on The Vampire Hannah Wigandt.