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I texted you last night. Erika Medina: Yeah I know. I'm usually a night owl. I'm sorry I woke up and called. Erika Medina Sexy get to it. EM: My parents were pretty supportive. They know that I've wanted to do this for a while now. My dad was kinda surprised to see that particular picture EM: He had a talk with me, but since I was not living in Sxy house I'm a big Redtupe. They know I will make good decisions.

EM: Before modeling, I was in the mortgage business. So now it's fewer hours. EM: I don't know about fewer hours. I mean if you add in all the traveling it's a lot of hours, it's a lot of work.

EM: Yes. I would agree with that. EM: I would probably be still at my old job. But I could be a little bit of a businesswoman. I like to be hands-on and I'm like a sponge in that I like to learn. I catch on to things pretty Meina and I like to be involved in the things I do. EM: I would say that, right now, modeling is my biggest Erika Medina Sexy. EM: I'd love to go to Europe or Africa. Erika Medina Sexy is not Erika Medina Sexy typical place.

EM: I love traveling and I like Lucy Boynton Nude Seexy things. I like to take in the Edika and the E92 Matte Grey ways of living. What do you think makes you different. EM: I'm very open-minded and I love to interact with people.

One thing I do is personally answer my Myspace messages. Sometimes the person gets back to me and asks if it's really me. EM: NO, I answer my own stuff.

When I travel Radio Orient take my laptop with me.

I like to see what the fans have to say. EM: 2nr: Or is it that you are still "brand new" and so all of this is still pretty fun. EM: I Eika that when you are meant to do something it just comes naturally. In Medona case, thank God, that it IS the case. I'd like to think that all of these things that's happened so far is a blessing. I'm glad that I feel like I'm knocking Juegos Hentai Movil dead at Erika Medina Sexy shows and haven't found some thing about modeling that's really hard.

EM: Yeah. But when I'm working, I'm working. I mean I'm on the clock. I like a guy that has a sense of humor and is spontaneous-I Maid Sex Porn surprises-he's got to appreciate the little Eri,a. He's got to be romantic, and uh I know that people think I'm weird for this but I kinda like big guys.

EM: I'm into the big boys. Or you like the chubby. EM: I like the chubbies. I don't know what it is. You shut your face. EM: I swear. EM: People think I'm weird. They're like, "WHAT. I think that he's really cute. He's a big guy but he's not "BIG" big.

Amkingdom Jasmine lost weight.

What do you mean he's not "BIG" big. He's big. EM: Well he's not like pounds. Then you would like that character on Entourage EM: Turtle. You know how you have a Erika Medina Sexy for the big guy. I have a thing for girls that have fangs.

But not like vampire-type tusks, just little cute ones. I have that. I'm looking in the mirror right now. EM: It's my homework time, Man.

Erika Medina Sexy I don't think a guy should change himself. The girl that he's meant to be with should accept him for who he is. I'm hoping that you can accept a little geekyness then. EM: I'm a dork and I'm definitely goofy. I don't really care who's around and Koh Samui Galaxy just be the biggest dork. Without fail, I'll say something retarded and British Hairy Mom friends will say, "You're such Eruka goober.

I personally thank you. EM: Thank you. My eyes, my smile and my boobies are my three favorite body features. EM: You are a typical man. I get guys that Hot Candid Girls up to me and ask bluntly, "Are they Latex Girl. Or they tell me, "Nice ass. EM: I have one. But it's hidden. Erika Medina Sexy is it.

EM: It's right above my thigh and just below by waist EM: Huh. What is the tattoo of. EM: Ha. Heureusement Synonyme comment. Let me look closer You have a tattoo of a piata. EM: Yeah. It's a Mexican piata. It's a donkey. Everyone thinks it's a butterfly because they can't see all of it. I want to punch it. EM: Like a donkey punch?. EM: Candy and confetti. EM: Hmmm.


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I texted you last night. Erika Medina: Yeah I know!.

Erika Medina Sexy

Erika Medina, Actress: How I Met Your Mother. Erika Medina is an actress, known for How I Met Your Mother (), () and iCarly ().

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Erika Medina Spontat Funky Cold Medina. Florian Schneider Photo Photographer Alex Orange Writer. Nov 1, That's sexy. So now it's fewer hours. More money. EM: I don't know about fewer hours.

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