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Papi Harpy

Papi Harpy

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Papi Harpy

In regards to egg size, there's a possibility that fertilised harpy eggs are Papi Harpy than unfertilised ones (the size of Papi's unfertilised Papi Harpy in Ch/Ep.6 and the size of newborn harpy babies in the arms of their mothers in Ch give some credence to the idea that fertilised harpy eggs and newborn harpies are around the same size as newborn.

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Papi(パピ,Papi) is a ditzy Harpy that currently lives withKimihito Kurusu. She is the second girl toofficiallymove in with him. She's childish, both physically and mentally, despite being as old as Miia. TierB Name:Papi Origin:Monster Musume Gender:Female Classification:Harpy Powers and Abilities:Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight Attack Potency:Wall Papi Harpy (Overpowers.